Directors and Officers


Sometimes the decisions that you make on behalf of the company can leave you personally exposed to compensation claims, investigations and prosecutions.

The costs of defending such actions can be life-ruining and with litigation on the rise, there has never been a more important time to put effective cover in place to protect yourself.

Civil and criminal actions can be brought against company directors, officers and senior managers alike. A Directors & Officers insurance policy is designed to support you, or other individuals that work in the company if they should ever face an allegation of wrong doing. This may include a breach of trust, a breach of duty, providing misleading information or wrongful trading.

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Designed to provide cover for legal defence costs and, where appropriate, any final settlement or compensation award, a Directors & Officers Liability insurance product can cater for losses resulting from wrongful acts, including:

  • Damages, judgements, settlements, crisis costs, PR costs, prosecution and defence costs.
  • Legal representation expenses.
  • Costs arising from extradition proceedings.
  • Tax contributions where the company has become insolvent and personal liability ensues.
  • Actions between directors of the same company.
  • Employment-related wrongful acts.
  • Whistle blowing.
  • Pollution defence costs.
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Any one claim (as opposed to aggregate)*
  • Full investigations cover
  • No shareholder exclusion
  • No allocation condition
  • PR crisis management enhanced to £50k*
  • Environmental proceedings – £1m aggregate (or indemnity limit if lower)*
  • Management buyout – 30 days cover for our existing directors only of the new company (if no other policy in place)*
  • Personal appointments e.g. school or charity (if no other policy in place)*

*Exclusive product feature to ME French as a member of Broker Network.

One provider of Directors & Officers Liability insurance that we have access to, has provided us with some examples of claims that we can share with you, us you can see the benefits of a D&O product.

Markel claims examples – DO (sector specific)

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